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The idea behind the ’12 Days of Sustainability’ campaign is to raise awareness of the biggest contributors of waste and greenhouse gases at Christmas. We want to inform people how to make some easy sustainable changes and to provide a platform for people to discuss their own experiences. People want to know how they can use environment friendly Christmas decorations, reduce Christmas cracker wastewrap gifts in a sustainable manner and avoid non-recyclable Christmas cards.

The first question of our campaign is “Are Real or Artificial Christmas Trees Better for the Environment?”. Artificial trees can be used year after year, and real trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere, but which one is better? Find out in the answers.

Then, we explore various ideas for sustainable Christmas gifts, with suggestions from many users. So for anyone still needing to do a bit of last minute Christmas shopping, worry not; why not give one of these ideas a go instead?

We continue with the theme of a ‘greener’ Christmas, covering everything from what to do with food leftovers, packaging materials to the amount of energy that Christmas lights use. We even wonder what Santa Claus's carbon footprint would be if he drove a car.

Finally, we want to know about your Christmas plans. Having learnt what the total emissions resulting from Christmas dinners is, we want to find out what you have planned for your Christmas meals - if you are trying an environment friendly alternative to turkey this year. Also what are your travel plans and if you can find a more planet friendly option to get to your destination.

Let us know your thoughts and ideas on how we can be good to our planet, while still having a great festive season. We would like to thank everyone for your involvement and support with the campaign. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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