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Top Tips for an Eco-friendly Christmas during COVID - OneSharedEarth
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Blog by Willem Harrison Barraclough


This year we’ve had to adapt our Christmas plans because of COVID-19. Whilst this means we are less likely to spend the festive season with our relatives, there is perhaps a silver lining in the fact that reduced travel up and down the country will have a positive effect on the environment. See how transport affects the environment here.


Despite COVID, we have been busy sharing fantastic tips and posting on our website some great ways in which we can make our holidays as eco-friendly as possible. Given that we have all been spending a lot more time indoors this year (especially during the cold Winter period) we suggest some fun indoor activities you could do with your family:

Maybe some of your family will be surprised by some of the inventive homemade presents you made for them!


We know that, for many, the Christmas meal is the highlight of the day. But if you fancy a change from the traditional festive food, here are some delicious alternative meals and recipes that are better for the environment. However, food waste is still a big environmental problem every Christmas – for example, the energy equivalent of wasted brussels sprouts could power an average house for 3 years! So, do check out our post that suggests some creative ways you can make use of your leftover food.


As we move towards the new year and our houses begin to fill up with used wrapping paper, empty advent calendars, greeting cards, Christmas crackers and the general Christmas waste, we should all remember to dispose of everything in a sustainable way. Make sure you know your local council recycling rules and then recycle accordingly (although, for something like an advent calendar we recommend buying a reusable one).


We hope you have enjoyed our Christmas tips and have adopted some eco-friendly habits along the way. Hopefully 2021 will bring better fortune than 2020 did – we’ll see you in the new year!
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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