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It will be useful to have a collection of lesson plans that teachers or parents can use to help children understand how & why to conserve energy and the different energy sources. These could be descriptive guides on what needs to be done in the lesson, contain tools & resources on the subject, indication on the time frame of the lesson, etc.
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Resources are free to access & download. These can be used for classroom teaching as well as at home by parents.

See the complete list of energy resources for children at “What Resources Can Be Used to Explain Energy Sources & Saving to Children?” (OneSharedEarth, 2020).

TopicAgeCurriculum LinksResourcesInfoOrganisationNotes
Switch on Clean Energy4-10USColouring sheets. Available in English & Spanish.Colouring book that teaches children about renewable energies, as well as good habits in energy efficiency to practice at homeU.S. Department of Energy
Greedy Guzzlers4-14GlobalGroup game, instructions, discussion ideas, cut out picturesRank appliances in the order of energy useThe PodEmail registration required
Energy themed activities4-14GlobalIdeas for discussions, posters, activities, experiments, making rap musicCovers electricity, saving energy, renewables, types of energyThe PodEmail registration required
Switch And The Energy Savers5-7GlobalOnline book, guidance's notes, activity ideas, background infoA story about saving energy that helps planet EarthWWF
Wind Energy for Kids7-11UK‌Background info, 4 activitiesCovers wind turbines & measuring windSustainable Learning, 2015
Power for the World7-11Global‌2 activities, quiz, presentationHands-on workshop enabling pupils to explore renewable energy solutions in the developing world with a focus on wind turbinesPractical Action, 2018
School Energy House Kit7-14UK, US, AustraliaGuidance's notes, activity ideas, discussion ideas, background info, videos, games, quizzes, experiments, worksheetsCovers designing a model home that demonstrates features of good energy practicesSEACS: Sustainable Energy Across the Common Space, 2014
Wind power challenge7-19Global1 lesson plan, background infoDesign & build a simple wind power machine that can lift a cup off the floorPractical Action
Keeping the lights on11-14UK4 lessons, worksheets, guidance notes, debate ideasResearch & debate the latest innovations in energy storageThe PodEmail registration required. Worksheets here.
Battle for power11-14GlobalDebate, instructionsEnergy debateThe PodEmail registration required

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