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What games can be used to explain energy sources & saving to children? - OneSharedEarth
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It will be useful to have a collection of games (activities, quizzes, etc.) that could help children to understand how & why to conserve energy and the different energy sources.
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Here is a list of activities (quizzes, games, etc.) that a child can do on his or her own (although very little ones may need help from elders).

Resources are free to access & download. These can be used for classroom teaching as well as at home by parents.

See the complete list of energy resources for children at “What Resources Can Be Used to Explain Energy Sources & Saving to Children?” (OneSharedEarth, 2020).

Energy Mission4-14Activity, instructions, ideas, quiz, worksheetsObserve energy use at home & take action with your family to reduce itThe PodEmail registration required
Power Patrol4+Online gameCollect points by switching off lights & avoiding the hazards. Bonus energy questions after every level.The Pod
Nico the Ninja – Kids Energy Saving Guide5+Online workbook, quizzes, tips, word search, colouring, riddlesNico the Ninja teaches about energy & energy saving - renewable & non-renewable sourcesSave on energy
Vampire Slayer7-11Activity, worksheetIdentify appliances sucking up powerThe PodEmail registration required
Energy Adventure7-11FlowchartSave energy by making the right decisionsThe PodEmail registration required
13 Squander Street7-14Online gameSwitch off items that are wasting energyThe Pod
Energy Reduction Quiz11-14QuizQuiz on energy consumptionThe PodEmail registration required
Money Manager11-14Maths activityCalculate the electricity used by an appliance, the cost of running it & budget its use, using various maths equationsThe PodEmail registration required
Renewable Energy WordsearchWord searchWord search on renewable energyPractical Action

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