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Are people having fewer children due to climate change? - OneSharedEarth
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Having fewer children is the best way for an individual to reduce his or her carbon footprint, see
Are people having fewer children as an action against climate change?
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Here are some people who have decided not to have more than one child due to environmental reasons:

  • Travis Rieder, a philosopher with the Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and his wife Sadiye have one child and have decided to adopt if they want more children.
  • Ash Sanders, who grew up a Mormon, made the decision not to have another baby after her first.


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Here are some people who have decided not to have children at all due to environmental reasons:

  • Racing driver and environmental activist Leilani Münter and her husband are child-free by choice.
  • Peace corps members - Brandalyn Bickner, who was raised in a Catholic family, and Chase Morgan - have warned their parents not to expect grandchildren but are open to fostering and adoption.
  • Ecologist Emma Olif doesn’t want her own children. Not biological ones at least.
  • Alex Smith, a software developer in Suffolk, decided as a child not to create any new humans. His wife didn’t want children, either.
  • Gwynn Mackellen, a recycling consultant based in California, was 26 when she decided to get sterilised for environmental reasons.
  • Angela and Xavi Cortal, who live in the US, decided to go with a rescue dog instead of a kid.
  • Blythe Pepino, who started BirthStrike - an organisation in which most members have declared intent to be child-free until the future of the planet is improved - is choosing not to have biological kids but may adopt.


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Life in a Smaller Family” (Population Matters, 2018) gives accounts of various small families. There are also Facebook groups dedicated to the subject and online pledges to remain childless until governments take concrete steps to protect the planet.

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