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Are people avoiding flights to take action against climate change? - OneSharedEarth
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Not flying is a high impact way for an individual to reduce his or her carbon footprint, see
Are people avoiding flights to take action against climate change?
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The no-fly movement is a small but growing community of people who are drastically reducing the number of flights they take, or giving up air travel altogether.


The singer-songwriter Staffan Lindberg wrote an article in 2017 co-signed by five of his famous friends, in which they announced their decision to give up flying, starting Sweden’s flygskam, or flight shame, movement. Among them were the ski commentator Björn Ferry, opera-singer and climate activist Greta Thunberg's mother Malena Ernman, and world champion arm-wrestler Heidi Andersson. Source: Orange R, “Following Greta: Joining the Swedes on Their No-Fly Holidays” (The Guardian, 2019)


‌“Sail to the COP - Sailing from Europe to COP25 in Chile” are a group of change makers who will travel by sailing ship across the ocean (and by bus on land) instead of plane from Europe to the UN Climate Conference COP25 in South America to raise their concerns about the negative impact of air travel.


Roger Tyers is a climate sociologist who took a no-flying field trip to China, which took him two weeks by train each way.

The climate activist Greta Thunberg hasn’t flown since 2015.

Siân Berry, the co-leader of the Green party, hasn’t flown since 2005.

Activist Maja Rosen who launched the "Flight Free" campaign in Sweden gave up flying in 2008.

Peter Kalmus is a climate scientist who doesn’t fly.

Alice Larkin, a climate scientist at the University of Manchester, has not flown for over a decade.

Paul Chatterton, a professor of urban futures at the University of Leeds, hasn’t flown since 2004.

Writer Anna Hughes last took a flight in 2011.

Cath Heinemeyer, a researcher and community artist, hasn’t flown since 2000.

Lewis McNeil, a project manager for the charity the Orchard Project, gave up flying in 2006.


Timperley J, “Why ‘Flight Shame’ Is Making People Swap Planes for Trains” (, 2019)

Emine Saner, “Could You Give up Flying? Meet the No-Plane Pioneers” (The Guardian, 2019)

‌Kalmus P, “How Far Can We Get Without Flying?” (Yes! Magazine, 2016)


Earth Scientists Flying Less” (No Fly Climate Sci, 2018) lists biographies of Earth scientists, academics, and members of the public who either don’t fly or who fly less.


The number of international passengers at Swedavia’s airports in January 2019 had a 2% decrease compared to the same period in 2018. The number of domestic passengers decreased by 4%. Source: “Swedavia’s Passenger Statistics for January 2019” (, 2019)

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