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What are the most viable actions or solutions to climate change by individuals, businesses and governments?
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Project Drawdown is a research organisation that tries to identify the most viable solutions to climate change by measuring their carbon impact. The solutions either reduce greenhouse gases by avoiding emissions and/or sequester carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere. Project Drawdown estimates that if these solutions are scaled over the next few years, 2050 could be the year when greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere start to decline. The project continues to incorporate new data into the models and regularly updates content.

Summary of Solutions by Overall Rank” (Drawdown, 2017) lists those solutions by rank of total atmospheric CO2-eq reduction. Solutions are also categorised by sectors - electricity generation, food, women and girls, buildings and cities, land use, transport, materials.


For key actions that an individual can take against climate change, see “What Are Most Effective Ways an Individual Can Reduce Carbon Footprint?” (OneSharedEarth, 2018).

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