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There seem to be many online environment footprint calculators for individuals. For non-business environment footprint calculators, see “What Are Some Useful Environment Footprint Calculators?” (OneSharedEarth, 2019).

Are there any for businesses?

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There's an online software platform that measures land-based greenhouse gas emissions. It's called FLINTpro.

It's a SaaS data integration tool enabling any type of organisation to track and calculate greenhouse gas emissions from changes in land use. Inputs include - but are not limited to - emission factors, model parameters and disturbance matrices, and spatial activity data such as land cover maps. Output is information on land-sector greenhouse gas emissions.

For example, a forest clearing event is triggered in the model when the simulation unit changes from forest to cropland. This change results in the loss of carbon from the forests to the atmosphere. FLINTpro tracks each unit of carbon (or any other output variable) as it moves between pools, and maintains mass balance throughout the processes.

Reference: (https://flintpro.com/) The Mullion Group Pty Ltd, 2020

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Here are some calculators that can be used by businesses.

Calculator TypeInputsOutputsReference
Business emissions calculatorEnergy, mobility, board, material, wasteAnnual CO2 for company“Offset Your Company’s Annual Emissions!” (Myclimate.org, 2019)
Event emissions calculatorMobility, accommodation, catering, energy, material, transport, wasteCO2 for event“Offset Your Event Emissions!” (Myclimate.org, 2019)

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