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Seeing the amount of packaging for fruits & vegetables my supermarket (Tesco) uses in my online deliveries (besides standard packaging, today I got a single lemon in a plastic bag of its own & a plastic bag of salad and 2 plastic boxes of mushrooms in a paper bag!), I've simply decided to remove fruit & veg from my online grocery order and instead buy them from elsewhere. I'm able to buy some unpackaged ones from my local (at a walking distance) supermarket (Sainsburys). But many fruits & veg do not come unpackaged even there. So I would like to know what alternatives people are actually using. I'll prefer no packaging rather than plastic substituted by paper (as paper causes deforestation), and I'll prefer delivery rather than collection because that is more fuel efficient.
Location: UK
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Herbs are not very difficult to grow at home.

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The answers in UK seem to be:
- farmers market if you are close to one
- PYO (Pick Your Own) farms where you can pick fruits & vegetables yourself
- online vegetable boxes (many of them organic & some customisable and offering more than fruit & veg) - these are usually delivered in cardboard boxes with minimum plastic. Many veg box websites say that these boxes are reused. Do your research (and update here if you find something relevant). An internet search will provide you many veg box options.
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Some Indian food shops have unpackaged fruits and vegetables.
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