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Are there more eco-friendly alternatives to a Christmas turkey? - OneSharedEarth
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Are other meats better or worse for the environment, in terms of Carbon footprint? Are there any vegetarian/vegan alternatives which are better?
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The carbon footprint of a Christmas turkey is given at “What Is the Carbon Footprint of a Christmas Turkey?” (OneSharedEarth, 2019). However, poultry tends to be better than red meats such as beef, lamb or pork. But this can vary massively depending on where you are sourcing your meat from and also how it was reared.

If you are serious about reducing your carbon footprint, it is best to trade out meat altogether and opt for vegetarian alternatives. Some ideas can be found at “Vegetarian Christmas Recipes” (BBC Good Food, 2013).

Food Carbon Footprint Index 2018” (nu3de, November 28, 2019) is a useful source of information to help you compare the carbon emissions of various food types. 

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Most supermarkets have extended their vegan range for Christmas.


Vegetarian & vegan Christmas range at supermarkets: (2019), Vegan and Vegetarian Christmas - ALDI UK (2019), Frozen Vegetarian Meals | Frozen | Iceland | Iceland Foods (2019), Vegetarian & Vegan: Christmas: Morrisons Shop

M&SDigital (2019), Vegetarian Dishes - M&S Christmas & New Year (2018), Vegetarian Christmas food | Meat-free Christmas dinner - Tesco Groceries (2012), Vegetarian and Vegan Christmas Dinner

‌Sainsburys, Vegetarian & Vegan Christmas Dinner


Some vegan Christmas recipe sources:

Orde, E. and Ryland, A. (2015), 10 of the best vegan Christmas recipes, The Vegan Society

Recipes at Sainsbury’s (2017), Have yourself a vegan Christmas | Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s (2017), 9 epic vegan Christmas dinners | Sainsbury’s

Tesco Real Food (2019), 10 vegan Christmas recipes

Vegan Food & Living (2019), Vegan Recipes | Vegan Food & Living

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