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It would be really helpful to know the environmental impact of a typical turkey as I am considering using alternatives this Christmas.
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A project carried out by University of Manchester, “Festive Food Footprint ‘Same as 6,000 Car Trips around World’” (2007) estimated that a typical Christmas dinner for eight people, turkey included, produced a total of 20kg of CO2 emissions. The total emissions as a result from Christmas dinners in the UK therefore add up to around 51,000 tonnes each year- which is the same as 148 million miles travelled by car. Furthermore, the research attributed 60% of these emissions to the life cycle of the turkey, while the vegetables account for 10%. 

To reduce your own Carbon footprint you should try to source your turkey locally, to keep transport emissions as low as possible. Ensure you only buy the size of turkey that you need and use as much of the bird as possible, to further reduce waste. More eco-friendly alternatives can be found at “Are There More Eco-Friendly Alternatives to a Christmas Turkey?” (OneSharedEarth, 2019).

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