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What are some eco-friendly Christmas decoration ideas? - OneSharedEarth
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So many Christmas decorations being sold in shops are made from plastic. Are there any ways to decorate for Christmas without being harmful to the environment?
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For a more eco-friendly decorative approach, avoid single-use products such as tinsel and glitter. Instead, try to use natural products. For example, learn how to create a Christmas wreath at “Make a Wildlife-Friendly Christmas Wreath” (BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine, 2019). In essence, try to make homemade decorations in preference of buying ones, if possible. This way you can guarantee they are coming from a natural source and can be reused for years to come.

Some more ideas can be found at Russ E, “Eco-Friendly Christmas Decor, Recycled Crafts and Edible Decorations” (Lushome - Modern Interior Design and Decor, 2009).

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Although plastic is of course harmful to the marine environment other materials such as paper and wood have a much larger carbon footprint and damage the environment pre-use. The least harmful way to decorate for christmas is use what you already have! Alternatively you could make some decorations that will last a few years and then decompose. Blood oranges come into season in December, slice the whole orange so you have thin round slices and dry out in the oven at about 120 degrees for 2-3 hours - they look so pretty and if stored correctly (in an air tight container while not is use) will last a fair few years! Leaves foraged in the winter season are also super festive and seasonal. When next out and about, have a look for a few fern leaves, dry them out and hang them up.These also last for a few years if stored correctly! Dried chillies also do the job and can be eaten when you've finished with them.
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For decorative lighting, LED lights are the more environmental friendly option.

It is best to avoid battery operated items.

If using candles, go for beeswax & soy wax instead of paraffin wax or palm oil based candles.


Siegle L, “The Burning Issue of Wax” (The Guardian, 2011)

Thomas P, “Behind the Label: Candles” (The Ecologist, 2008)

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Twigs, berries, pine cones, used paper, cards, even biscuits can be made into decorations.

Websites like Pinterest have great ideas.
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