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What fiction books can be used to explain climate change to children? - OneSharedEarth
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It will be useful to have a collection of fiction books that helps children to understand the subject of climate change.
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Climate change is a popular topic and most bookshops & libraries will have a few books on the subject. Here's a variety of fiction books covering climate change in different ways.

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See the complete list of climate change resources for children here.

Title - AuthorAgeInfoPages
The problem of the hot world - Pam Bonsper3-5Deer, bear, fox, mole & owl can see that leaves are not growing & rain is not falling and they must unite & deal with it.

Also available as eBook.
The trouble with dragons - Debi Gliori3-6There are too many dragons, they consume too much & chop down forests until all ice melts, deserts expand and wildlife disappears. What should the dragons do to avoid their own extinction?

Also available as video & eBook.
Hello, Mr World - Michael Foreman3-7The kids are playing doctors and Mr World is getting hot, sweaty & breathless.32
George saves the world by lunchtime - Jo Readman3-8George's grandpa helps him be a real superhero by using the 4 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle, repair), wasting less, composting, using less electricity & petrol,  and buying local.32
When Santa turned green - Victoria Perla5-10When his factory's roof starts leaking due to global warming, Santa has to get to the bottom of things because Christmas depends on it!

Also available as eBook.
The magic school bus and the climate challenge - Joanna Cole6-11Ms Frizzle's class is doing a play on global warming, so they travel all over the Earth, including its atmosphere, in the Magic School Bus, to see what's happening.

Also available as video & audiobook. Teaching resources available.
World of Thermo: Thermometer rising - Guy Walton8-12Thermo, the brave drone-like thermometer, flies all over the world & fights against Carbo, the CO2 molecule, whose henchmen have the abilities to control the will of humans, while climate scientists have taken refuge in caves protected by Kudzu vines.

Also available as eBook.
Under the weather: Stories about climate change - Tony Bradman9-13Collection of 8 stories told from children's point of view. Based around beaches in Philippines, whale watching in Canada, grannies in Britain & Bangladesh, reindeer herders in Siberia, tea plantations in Sri Lanka, nightmares in Australia, beehives in Zambia & USA, and a World Government & Global language in the future.

Also available as eBook. Teaching resources available.
Will farts destroy the planet? - Glenn Murphy9-17Jake, living in the year 2050, has to explore the history of climate change for a school project. This book is part of the '..extremely important questions (and answers).. from the Science Museum' series.

Also available as eBook.
The Carbon Diaries 2015 - Saci LLoyd14-17

If CO2 rationing was introduced, this is probably how it would look for middle class lifestyles. Buying a holiday in the carbon black market, the whole dating scene needing an overhaul, mums learning to cook & fix things, dads creating mini backyard farms..

Also available as eBook & audiobook.


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