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What non-fiction books can be used to explain climate change to children? - OneSharedEarth
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It will be useful to have a collection of non-fiction books that helps children to understand the subject of climate change.
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Climate change is a popular topic and most bookshops & libraries will have a few books on the subject. Here's a variety of non-fiction books covering different aspects of climate change.

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See the complete list of climate change resources for children here.

Title - AuthorAgeInfoPages
Where do polar bears live? - Sarah L. Thomson4-11An introduction to global warming through polar bears' life in the Arctic. Also explains why the world is getting warmer, how that is affecting polar bears & what we can do.

Also available as Video & eBook. Teaching resources  available.
What's the point of being green? - Jacqui Bailey6-17Book on current green issues, main focus being climate change. Contains interesting facts, tips & jokes. Covers greenhouse effect, carbon footprint, fossil fuels, alternative energy, transport, trees, food shortages, waste, pollution.96
What happens if the rainforests disappear? - Mary Colson6-17Explains how rainforests help in climate control & how deforestation, mining, drilling for oil, crop plantations & global warming threatens rainforests & people living there. Gives scenarios of how the world would be in years 2050, 2100 & 2200 if rainforest clearing continues.32
How carbon footprints work - Nick Hunter8-11Explains what carbon footprint is, how personal carbon footprint can be calculated & reduced, concepts of carbon trading & offsetting.32
Climate change - John Woodward8-17Details - supported with images - covering everything about climate change including feedbacks, tipping points, natural climate change, our carbon culture, oceanic research, predicting future climates & what scares the scientists.

Also available as eBook.
Gaia warriors - Nicola Davies9-16Interviews with people of countries affected by climate change and scientists, campaigners, students, business owners & others all over the world doing something to combat climate change.192
No one is too small to make a difference - Greta Thunberg9+A collection of 11 speeches by climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Videos and text of some speeches here. Also available as eBook & audioBook.
How we know what we know about our changing climate - Lynne Cherry, Gary Braasch10-14Focuses on how scientists have determined that Earth's climate is changing - using migrating birds, phenology, butterflies, tree rings, melting ice, mud & ice cores, computer models - often with the help of students.

Teaching resources available.
A kids' guide to climate change & global warming: How to take action! - Cathryn Berger Kaye10+Workbook that guides children to investigate, take action & communicate on climate change using their natural talents.

Also available as eBook.
Eyes wide open: Going behind the environmental headlines - Paul Fleischman14-18Looks into issues like population, consumption, vested interests, denial & capitalism in relation to climate change.

Also available as eBook & audioBook. Teaching resources available.

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