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'Compleating' is eating the whole ingredient or food and letting no edible parts go to waste. As a result, it reduces food waste. What are some tips to 'compleating' different foods?
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Ideas for 'compleating' leftover meals and ingredients:

  • Leftover meals (like boiled eggs, cooked grains) can be the starting point for sandwich, soup, stew, pasta, frittata, salad, wrap, stir fry or curry.
  • Rice can be mixed with other ingredients to make a fried rice meal.
  • Yogurt can be mixed with vegetables, cereal or made into a salad dressing.
  • Cream can be used in salads, desserts, pasta or mashed potatoes.
  • Brine or pickle juice can be made into a dressing or marinade.
  • Dough can be made into crackers or breadsticks.
  • Flour can be used for thickening soups.
  • Grounded nuts can be added to curries or baked goods.
  • Chillies, garlic, herbs, spices, lemon peels can be made into infused oil.
  • Coconut milk can be used in curries, soups, baked goods or mixed with sugar to make icing.
  • Tahini can be made into dressings, dips or in baking.
  • Ingredients stuck on the inside of a jar can be mixed with a liquid to make into something new. Condiments (like mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, miso, curry paste) can be made into a dressing, dip, glaze or marinade by adding olive oil & vinegar. Marmalade or syrup can be mixed with alcohol (or other liquids) into a cocktail or mocktail.

Ideas for 'compleating' stale, spoilt or over ripe food:

  • Stale bread can be baked with drizzled olive oil, made into croutons or breadcrumbs to be used in recipes.
  • Stale pitta and tortilla wraps can be baked.
  • Over ripe or spoilt fruits can be frozen, baked, cooked or made into juice, smoothie, jam or pie.
  • Wilting salad leaves and vegetables can be used in stir fry, soup, smoothie or juice.

Ideas for 'compleating' hard to eat stuff:

  • Skin of many fruits, vegetables & meat can be eaten.
  • Carcass & bones can be added to stock.
  • Stems, stalks, tops, ends, cores, leaves & peels can be added to smoothie, stock, soup, stew, stir fry, roast, dips, pesto or sauce.
  • Parmesan rind can be chopped into a stew, soup or risotto.
  • Citrus peels can be candied or used for flavouring in teas, liquor and other recipes.
  • Pumpkin, squash & acorn seeds can be toasted and eaten.

Ideas for food preservation:

  • Fermenting
  • Pickling
  • Drying
  • Canning
  • Curing
  • Sugaring
  • Salting

Many of the above ideas have been taken from the resources below which can gives more details on these methods:





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