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What lesson plans can be used to explain climate change to children? - OneSharedEarth
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It will be useful to have a collection of climate change lesson plans that teachers or parents can use to help children understand the subject. These could be descriptive guides on what needs to be done in the lesson, contain tools & resources on the subject, indication on the time frame of the lesson, etc.
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Resources below are free to access & download. These can be used for classroom teaching as well as at home by parents.

See the complete list of resources at “What Resources Can Be Used to Explain Climate Change to Children?” (OneSharedEarth, 2019).

TopicAgeCurriculum LinksResourcesInfoOrganisationNotes
Transport4-7UKActivity ideas, worksheetsEncourages children to think how they travel & the impact it has on the planet. Covers different forms of transport, global warmingThe PodEmail registration required
Climate change7-11Strand10 lessons, activities, worksheets, photographs, web linksCovers climate, weather, carbon, fossil fuels, greenhouse effect, biodiversity, transport, causes, evidence, solutions, community, leadershipDublin City University, 2013
Healthy food for a healthy planet7-11UK5 activities, background info, approximate timingsIntroduces the issue of climate change using food. Covers food production, impact of food choices, food labels, impact of climate change on growing food.WWF
Shaping our Future: The Climate Challenge7-14UK3 lessons, teacher guides, presentation slides, worksheet activities, debate cards, image bank, experimentsCovers climate, weather, water cycle, pressure, temperature, problems, goalsWWF
Climate Challenge7-14UK6 sessions, 2 slide shows, activity sheets, approximate timingsCovers causes, human impact of climate change, action to be taken, greenhouse effect, analysis of carbon footprint dataOxfam GB, 2019
Polar Bears & the Arctic8-11US5 activities, background info, worksheetsIntroduction to climate change using the topic of polar bears in the ArcticClimate Classroom Kids, 2015
Design a climate change infographic11-16GlobalActivity ideasDesign your own info-graphic explaining climate changeThe PodEmail registration required
Food Poster Presentation ActivityGlobalSuggested activities, background info, approximate timingsAbout how food choices affect climate change. Covers transport, packaging, seasonal produce, food miles.Carbon Partners
Climate Change Summit ActivityGlobalSuggested activities, background info, approximate timingsActivity to simulate a climate change summit. Covers carbon footprint, greenhouse gases, impacts, challenges, solutions.Carbon Partners
A Guatemala case studyUS5 activities, background info, approximate timingsUses the rain forests of Guatemala as an example. Covers carbon cycle, greenhouse effect, role of trees & forests.Rainforest Alliance, 2014

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