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It will be useful to have a collection of games (activities, quizzes, etc.) that could help children to understand the subject of climate change.
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Here is a list of activities (quizzes, games, etc.) that a child can do on his or her own (although very little ones may need help from elders).

Resources are free to access & download. These can be used for classroom teaching as well as at home by parents.

Please suggest any edits using the feedback link or by registering which will allow you to give comments & answers.

See the complete list of climate change resources for children here.

Kids Calculator4-9Online environment footprint calculatorCovers lights, entertainment, electricity, getting to places, baths, brushing teeth, recycling & garbage. Gives scores between 0-10. Gives tips with each question.ParkCityGreen.org
International Student Carbon Footprint Challenge10-22Online environment footprint calculatorCovers home, food, purchases & transportation. Gives used CO2/year (total & each category) and compares with average of selected home country. Shows the carbon footprint of each answer as you go along.Inquiry to Student Environmental Action (I2SEA)
What do you know about climate change?Online quizGives info with each answerAmerican Museum of Natural History
Be an Energy SaverOnline checklistSome things that you & your family can do to lessen the impacts of climate changeAmerican Museum of Natural History
Trash and Climate ChangeOnline handoutsWord & math activities on how reduce, reuse & recycle affects climate changeUS Environmental Protection Agency
Climate Change Word Search5-11Online handoutWord search on vocabulary associated with climate changeTwinklEmail registration required
What's the carbon footprint of.......?Online handoutOrder the products or actions from the largest to smallest carbon footprintCarbon Partners
Eat Low CarbonOnline quizTest your knowledge of which foods are planet friendlierBon Appétit Management Company
Living on iceOnline gamePut pictures in the correct order to see videos about polar bears and the ArcticAmerican Museum of Natural History
Rising CO2! What Can We Do?Online gameQuiz on events from 1600 that led to rising CO2American Museum of Natural History

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