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There seem to be many online carbon / ecological / emissions / environment footprint calculators. What are some useful ones?
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Here are some calculators that can be used globally to calculate the environmental footprint of people, items, activities and even countries or the world!

Calculator TypeInputsOutputsReferenceNotes
Individual ecological footprint calculatorFood, housing, transportationNumber of Earths used & your personal Earth overshoot day“How Many Planets Does It Take to Sustain Your Lifestyle?” (Footprintcalculator.org, 2019)Needs email address or Facebook account to use
Household carbon footprint calculatorTravel, home, food, goods, servicesUsed CO2/year & comparison with households in selected home country“CoolClimate Calculator” (Coolclimate.org, 2019)May take a few seconds to load
Food climate change calculatorFood item, consumption per weekYour consumption's annual greenhouse gas emissions and water & land use, and comparison with similar foodsStylianou N, Guibourg C and Briggs H, “Climate Change Food Calculator: What’s Your Diet’s Carbon Footprint?” BBC News (2019)
Transport emissions calculatorDrive, walk, cycling, public transitCO2 equivalent for transport route“Map My Emissions” (Mapmyemissions.com, 2019)Uses commercially available tools to find route
Flight emissions calculatorFlight detailsCO2 for flight route“Offset Your Flight Emissions!” (Myclimate.org, 2019)
Cruise emissions calculatorCruise detailsCO2 for cruise“Offset Your Cruise Emissions!” (Myclimate.org, 2019)
Event emissions calculatorMobility, accommodation, catering, energy, material, transport, wasteCO2 for event“Offset Your Event Emissions!” (Myclimate.org, 2019)
Business emissions calculatorEnergy, mobility, board, material, wasteAnnual CO2 for company“Offset Your Company’s Annual Emissions!” (Myclimate.org, 2019)
Vegan & vegetarian calculatorYears or months of being vegan or vegetarianNumber of animals, CO2, forest, grain, water saved“Vegan Calculator - Calculate the Impact of an Animal Product Free Lifestyle” (Vegan Calculator, 2015)
Country environmental footprint calculatorFootprints of carbon, fossil energy, land & water of a nation (total/per capita/GDP) and comparison with other nations“4 Environmental Footprints” (Carbon Footprint of Nations, 2010)
Global climate change calculatorSelect or create a pathwayHow the pathway affects global GHG emissions, CO2 emissions & mean temperature change in 2100The Global Calculator” (Globalcalculator.org, 2011)Model of the world's energy, land & food systems to 2050. See example at Plumer B, “This In-Depth Calculator Lets You Play around with Ways to Solve Global Warming” (Vox, 2015)

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Here are some environmental footprint calculators aimed at youngsters.

Park City - Kids Calculator” (Parkcitygreen.org, 2009) is aimed at ages 4-9. It covers lights, entertainment, electricity, getting to places, baths, brushing teeth, recycling & garbage. It gives scores between 0-10 and tips with each question.

ISCFC: Calculate Your Footprint” (Washington.edu, 2018) by the Inquiry to Student Environmental Action (I2SEA) project is aimed at ages 10-22. It covers home, food, purchases & transportation. It gives the used CO2/year (total & in each category) and compares with the average of the selected home country. Shows the carbon footprint of each answer as you go along.

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