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It will be useful to have a collection of online reading material that helps children to understand the subject of climate change.
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Resources are free to access & download. These can be used for classroom teaching as well as at home by parents.

Please suggest any edits using the feedback link or by registering which will allow you to give comments & answers.

See the complete list of climate change resources for children here.

Easy answers to hard questions6-8WebpageQuestions that children may have and easy to understand answersOrsted
What's climate change? And what can I do?Webpage, 2 online handoutsBackground and what kids can doClimate Reality Project
Switch And The Energy Savers5-7Online bookA story about saving energy that helps planet EarthWWF
Reducing our carbon footprintOnline handoutSimple actions to reduce the carbon footprintWicked Weather Watch
Frequently Asked Climate QuestionsWebpageQuestions from high school students and answersOur Climate Our FutureEmail registration required
Climate Kids9-12Collection of webpagesCovers topics of weather, climate, atmosphere, water, energy, plants, animals on Earth through the eyes of the NASA missionsNASA Climate Kids
What's Really Warming the World?11+WebpageGraphical representation of different factors contributing to global warming from 1880Bloomberg Business
Alliance for Climate Education reportsCollection of webpages, and associated worksheetsReports on black carbon, coal cleanup, El Nino, ocean heating, dating ice cores and getting past temperature, making of fossil fuels, ocean fertilization, old climate, methane hydrate, 350ppm, global weirdingOur Climate Our FutureEmail registration required
Jargon BusterWebpageList of useful words related to climate change and their meaningWicked Weather Watch
Our Changing Climate11-18Online book, videos, photographsHow climate change affects the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and our planetEarth Vision Institute

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