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Resources below are free to access & download. Although most resources are for classroom teaching, they can be used at home by parents. Please suggest any edits.

TopicAge rangeRegionCurriculum linksEffortResourcesOrganisationNotes
A talk for schoolsGlobalLowVideo (5 mins)Kids Against Plastic
Investigating plastic pollutionGlobalLowVideo (6 mins)Algalita
All the way to the oceanGlobalLowVideo (15 mins)Freedom Three Publishing
A toxic journeyGlobalLowHandout, activityGlobal Ocean
Is plastic fantastic?GlobalLowIllustrated bookletPlastic Pollution Coalition
What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?GlobalLowVideo (2 mins)National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration
Plastic pollution hotspots7-11GlobalUK, Australia, New ZealandLowGameTwinklEmail registration required
Material sort7-11GlobalUKLowActivityKids Against Plastic
Plastic hazard7-11GlobalUKLowActivity, discussionKids Against Plastic
Alternative snacks7-11GlobalUKLowActivityKids Against Plastic
Water bottles5-7GlobalUKLowActivity, discussionKids Against Plastic
Nappy testing7-11GlobalUKLowActivity, discussionKids Against Plastic
Making plastic7-11GlobalUKLowLesson, discussionKids Against Plastic
Plastic recycling5-11GlobalUKLowActivityKids Against Plastic
Plastic pollution7-11GlobalUKLowReading comprehensionKids Against Plastic
Plastic facts7-11GlobalUKLowActivity, discussionKids Against Plastic
Writing about plastic pollution5-7GlobalUKLowWriting activityKids Against Plastic
Writing about plastic pollution7-11GlobalUKLowWriting activityKids Against Plastic
Plastic not fantastic4-11GlobalUKLow to mediumLesson plans, handouts, activitiesGlobal Ocean
Plastic pollution resource pack7-11GlobalUK, Australia, New ZealandLow to mediumActivities, presentationTwinklEmail registration required
Litter pick and sort5-7GlobalUKMediumLitter pick, discussionKids Against Plastic
Plastic recycling process7-11GlobalUKMediumActivity, discussionKids Against Plastic
TEDxExeter TalkSome UK, most globalLowVideo (12 mins)Kids Against Plastic
Cigarette butts infograph7-14Some UK, some globalUKLow3 handoutsKids Against Plastic
Eliminating plastic5-18GlobalUS, CanadaMedium to highLesson plans, games, activities, problem solving questions, approximate timingsCatch the Wave
Kids take action against ocean plasticUS content, applies globallyLowVideo (4 mins)National Geographic
Be an ocean guardian5-9Some US, some globalUSLowHandouts, activitiesNational Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration
Marine debris5-17Some US, some globalUSMedium to highLesson plans, activities, approximate timingsNorth American Marine Environment Protection Association

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