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Most organic produce comes heavily packaged. What are the options to buy organic produce unpackaged? Please note that this question is not just about avoiding plastic but any kind of packaging as much as feasible.
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There are many organic veg box delivery companies in the UK. If and to what extent the veg box contents can be customised, varies from one company to another. The produce is mostly unpackaged and delivered in one or more boxes (often cardboard) which are expected to be picked up by the driver on the next delivery and reused by the company.

Items can usually be bought in addition to the veg box, but these may come in different type of packaging.

I've been trialling two of the bigger companies, Riverford and Abel & Cole, and have created the table below for the product packaging for each item I had delivered in Jan-May 2019, both as part of a veg box or ordered in addition to the veg box. I'll continue to update this table with more products as I continue.

Riverford boxes come open while Abel & Cole boxes come closed and tied with a string.

Boxes of both contain paper marketing material, like recipes & news. There is no option to disable these on either website. Abel & Cole boxes sometimes contain (possibly unwanted) promotional gifts.

When ordering outside of a box, each Riverford product comes individually packaged in paper bags and then put in a box. Abel & Cole puts the items unpackaged in a box if there are enough items to make a box, otherwise puts them in a paper bag.

Riverford recycling guide: https://www.riverford.co.uk/aboutus/environment-ethics/how-green-are-we/recycling-guide

Abel & Cole recycling guide: https://www.abelandcole.co.uk/blog/post/the-only-way-is-up(date), https://www.abelandcole.co.uk/help/faq

ItemRiverford (as part of box)Abel & Cole (as part of box)Riverford (in addition to box)Abel & Cole (in addition to box)
Butternut squashUnpackagedUnpackagedUnpackagedUnpackaged
ClementineUnpackagedUnpackagedBeech nettingUnpackaged
CourgetteUnpackagedUnpackagedPaper bagUnpackaged
BeetrootUnpackagedUnpackagedPaper bagUnpackaged
PepperUnpackagedUnpackagedPaper bagUnpackaged or Paper bag
PearUnpackagedUnpackagedPaper bagUnpackaged
White onionUnpackagedUnpackaged
Red onionUnpackagedBeech nettingUnpackaged
CeleryUnpackagedPlastic bagUnpackaged
Spring onionUnpackaged
PotatoPaper bagUnpackaged
CarrotUnpackagedUnpackaged or Biodegradable plastic bagPaper bagBiodegradable plastic bag
Spring greenUnpackagedPlastic bag
Sweet potatoUnpackaged
AvocadoPaper bagUnpackaged
MangoPaper bagUnpackaged
GarlicUnpackaged or Paper bag
LemonUnpackagedBeech nettingUnpackaged or Paper bag
GingerPaper bagBeech nettingPaper bag
StrawberryPaper punnet
ApricotPaper punnet
NectarinePaper bag
GrapePaper punnet
TomatoPaper punnetPaper punnetPlastic punnetPaper punnet
MushroomPaper punnetPlastic punnet
Purple sprouting broccoliPlastic bagPlastic bag
SpinachPlastic bagPlastic bag
KalePlastic bagPlastic bag
ParsleyPlastic bagPlastic bag
Sweet pepperPlastic bagPlastic bag
Water cressPlastic bagPlastic bag
Mini cucumberPlastic punnet
RosemaryPlastic bag
ThymePlastic bag
DillPlastic bag

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