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There are many green energy suppliers. I would like to be able to choose an energy provider based on the type and proportion of green energy they supply.
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UK Energy Suppliers Ranked by % of Renewable Generation” (Sust-it - simply efficient shopping, 2019) gives the percentage of renewable energy supplied by each UK energy provider. You can also sort by "Least CO2 emissions", etc.

UK Domestic Electricity Suppliers” (Electricityinfo.org, 2019) gives the fuel mix of all UK domestic electricity suppliers.

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In the UK - and many countries in the EU, electricity companies report their electricity mix and thus you can see how much energy is generated, how much of it is renewable and so on.
If you are looking at country emissions though, “G. B. National Grid Status” (Templar.co.uk, 2016) shows you the UK's electricity mix using live data and whereas “Live CO2 Emissions of Electricity Consumption” (Electricitymap.org, 2019) shows you worldwide emissions and electricity generation breakdown per country - for those that are participating - not refreshing as quickly as the first link.

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