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Packaging (cardboard boxes, gift wrapping paper) and children's craft activities use lots of sticky tape. Are these recyclable?
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Sticky Tape” (Recyclenow.com, 2019):

Sticky tape is not recyclable and should be thrown away in your rubbish bin. Where possible, try to remove all loose strands of sticky tape from cardboard boxes and wrapping paper before you recycle them.

However, there are paper based biodegradable sticky tapes options in the market too. 'Washi tape' is one such option, commonly found in UK high street and online shops. “Washi” (Wikipedia, 2019) is technically traditional Japanese paper, but it is not clear if the paper in UK washi tape varieties comes from Japan. Many washi tapes are also decorated with glitter or foil, and it is not certain if these are biodegradable. But the ones made of just paper should biodegrade.

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