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So much wrapping paper is used for packaging, especially during the holiday season. Is all wrapping paper recyclable?
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UK: http://www.wrap.org.uk/content/tis-season-be-aware-recycling:
The only types of wrapping paper that can’t go in the recycling bin are the shiny metallic (which is made from metallised plastic film) and glitter varieties. If in doubt, test it out with the ‘scrunch test’ - if you literally scrunch the paper in your hand and it stays in a ball, it can be put into the recycling.
Remove ribbons, bows, sticky tape and other adornments before recycling wrapping paper.

https://www.recyclenow.com/what-to-do-with/wrapping-paper-1 also suggests that not all councils in UK accept wrapping paper so it is best to contact your local authority.
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Wrapping paper that has a layer of plastic on it can't be recycled, like foil wrapping paper. Wrapping paper with glitter on it can be recycled but shouldn't as the glitter can get into the waste water and contaminate other water sources.
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