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Lately, there has been news that most teabags contain some amount of plastic. See campaign here: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/remove-plastics-from-tea-bags

How can I ensure that the teabag I buy is completely biodegradable?
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The solution is to use loose tea. However, I've realised that many teas come only in tea bags!

Moral Fibres has a summary of different brands of tea bags that do not contain plastic - Teapigs, Twinings pyramid teabags, Pukka (each teabag is individually packaged in a plastic sachet though), Tetley (only string & tag teabags used for catering), PG Tips pyramid teabags.

Abel & Cole are plastic free according to their own website.

The Independent has a few others to add to the list - Brew Tea Co, Hampsted Tea, We are Tea, Eteaket, Nemi, Roqberry, Good & Proper, T2.

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