What is OneSharedEarth?

People are becoming more aware of how our lifestyle affects the environment. OneSharedEarth provides a platform to ask questions about any local or global environmental issues related to people and wildlife, and have them answered by experts.

While an Internet search can give misleading results and social media groups can be full of opinions, OneSharedEarth aims to create a community that provides answers supported by facts and research; information broken down so it is easily understood by the readers.

OneSharedEarth also helps schools to organise events with themes of environmental issues.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, someone asks a question and one or more experts answer the question.

Questions and answers on the website can be seen by anyone and appear in search engine results, hence helping more than just the community of registered users. Questions can be grouped by popular topics, which can then be "followed". A search function is available to allow searching for keywords in the questions and answers database.

We have a whole page giving more details on how the website works. See How it works.

How can you be involved?

Register with our community and you get the chance to:

  • Be a OneSharedEarth Inquisitive! If you have curiosity about environmental issues, how they affect us or how we influence them, please use our website to ask away. No question is trivial. You may even see your question featured on our social media pages!
  • Be a OneSharedEarth Analyst! If you have knowledge about environmental issues, either in general or specific areas, and can provide answers to questions on our website and support them with relevant research, please use our website to share your knowledge. Talk to us if you would like us to feature you and your area of expertise on our social media pages.
  • Help to identify the most relevant issues and solutions at the time.
  • Earn recognition from the above tasks.
  • See your questions and answers on social media. From time to time, we feature popular topics and questions on our social media pages.

There are other ways of volunteering with us too, some listed below. Most of these can be done from the comfort of your own home! For more information on any of these, or if you would like to be involved in a way not mentioned here, please contact us.

  • You could be a OneSharedEarth Musketeer and help us with marketing. No previous experience needed if you want to give this a try. We are looking for people to lead social media marketing campaigns, raise brand awareness, increase engagement, content creation, content promotion and other marketing stuff.
  • If you know children and young people aged 4-18, you could help them volunteer as OneSharedEarth Youth. We need the feedback of children and young people on videos, games, Science experiments and reading material on environmental issues.
  • Got a background in environmental issues? Be a OneSharedEarth Orator and we can arrange for you to visit a school and talk about it.
  • Be a OneSharedEarth Motivator and encourage local schools to run events on environmental issues - assemblies, Science days, workshops, etc. OneSharedEarth will help to provide content.

Please follow us on social media and share our social media posts to promote our website. We have pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Your feedback is invaluable. Please give us your feedback here.

How does OneSharedEarth make money?

It doesn't.

OneSharedEarth has no income and is run entirely by volunteers who contribute their valuable time and skills, including those who ask and answer questions. This has resulted in our monetary running costs being very low, which we contribute to ourselves, and we haven't yet needed donations or crowdfunding.

Welcome to, where you can ask questions about any environmental issues concerning people or wildlife.

Please contact us if you would like us to help a school organise events with themes of environmental issues.

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