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What is OneSharedEarth?

One Shared Earth Limited is a not-for-profit limited company limited by guarantee.

OneSharedEarth provides a platform to ask and answer questions about any local or global environmental issues related to people and wildlife.

People are becoming more aware of how our lifestyle affects the environment. While an Internet search can give misleading results and social media groups can be full of opinions, OneSharedEarth aims to create a community that provides answers supported with facts and research; information broken down so it is easily understood by the readers.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, someone asks a question and one or more experts answer the question.

Questions and answers on the website can be seen by anyone and appear in search engine results, hence helping more than just the community of registered users. Questions can be grouped by popular social media hashtags and general categories, which can then be "followed". A search bar is available to allow searching for keywords in the questions and answers database.

We have a whole page giving more details on how the website works. See how it works.

How can you be involved?

Register with our community and you get the chance to ask and answer questions. As a result, you will be helping to identify the most relevant issues and solutions at the time, earning recognition, and seeing your questions and answers on social media.

There are other ways of volunteering with us too, see here.

Please follow us on social media and share our posts to promote our website. We have pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

For the list of organisations that we collaborate with or if you would like to collaborate with us, please see the Friends of OneSharedEarth page.

Your feedback is invaluable. Please give us your feedback here.

How does OneSharedEarth make money?

It doesn't.

OneSharedEarth has no income and is run entirely by volunteers who contribute their valuable time and skills, including those who ask and answer questions. This has resulted in our monetary running costs being very low, which we contribute to ourselves, and we haven't yet needed donations or crowdfunding.

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